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  • Study of production company activity in the market conditions

    the article deals with the attempt to reveal the trends in influencing of technology innovations on the economic growth of companies. The successful activity of a company in the market conditions depends on the development level of its innovation activity. The activity of a production company is studied and the subprocesses of its degradation and positive development are distinguished. The authors introduce the definitions and illustrate the spirals of degradations and system development. It is proposed to ensure the activity of the production company due to improving of organizational management and human recourse development. The key role in breaking of the vicious circle of the company development is played by the knowledge component.

    Keywords: economic growth, innovations, spirals of degradation and development, human resource management

  • Analysis of information flows and improvement of management and technology reliability of railway transport enterprises

    The article is devoted to problems of development of railway transport enterprises in the modern period. The author studies information flows determined by vicious Knall circles and mechanisms of positive development based on determining enterprise growth factors. It is suggested to consider the decision making procedure relating to development variations with provision for criteria of railway transport enterprise functioning

    Keywords: railway transport enterprises, Knall circles, management and technology reliability, effective functioning of railway transport industrial facilities, optimal management of railway transport enterprise functioning

  • Improvement of on-board control systems of locomotives on the basis of technical means of trainer-modeling complexes

    The main maintenance of a diversification of production as activity of subjects of managing is considered. being shown in purchase of the operating enterprises, the organizations of the new enterprises, redistribution of investments in interests of the organization and development of new production on available floor spaces. The most important organizational economic targets of a diversification of management are presented by innovative activity of the industrial enterprise.

    Keywords: Trainer-modeling system, the hardware-software robotic complex, control system, autodriver, automatic control of the brakes of the train, computing experiment