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  • Determination of stability criteria for the round cross-section of polyethylene gas pipelines

    Polyethylene pipes are widely used for the construction of gas distribution networks. The disadvantage of pipes is their low mechanical strength. When crossing various artificial obstacles in pipes, unacceptable stresses may arise, causing destruction along the pipe body. To make a decision on the installation of a casing in such areas, it is necessary to determine the stability criteria for the circular cross-section of polyethylene gas pipelines. The article reveals that of the two equations proposed by SP 42-103-2003 for the critical value of external pressure of polyethylene gas pipelines, in practice only one can be used, for which the criterion value is always minimal.

    Keywords: polyethylene gas pipelines, dynamic load, stability of the circular cross-section, external pressure

  • Determination of tension arising during the installation of polyethylene gas pipelines

    The results of research permissible longitudinal axial and fiber tensions are given for various characteristics of gas distribution and gas consumption systems.

    Keywords: polyethylene gas pipeline, longitudinal axial tension, longitudinal fiber tension, gas pipeline deformation, optimal gas pipeline bending radius

  • Analysis of the reliability of the heat supply system on the example of the heating network in the Airport of Volgograd

    The article analyzes the technical condition and reliability of heat supply networks. When using the calculation and assessment of the overall reliability of pipelines and sources of heat supply. Substantiates the requirements for the reconstruction of regular pipelines.

    Keywords: heat supply, reliability of the heat supply system, hydraulic calculation, reliability coefficient, dilapidation of the heat supply network

  • The main aspects of the reconstruction of the gas supply system of OAO Volgogradneftemash

    The gas supply system of the industrial enterprise OAO Volgogradneftemash was created more than 50 years ago. Gas-using equipment is physically and technologically obsolete. The article proposes measures for the reconstruction of intershop gas pipelines and gas equipment. The substantiation of the choice of a new gas supply scheme for objects using a dead-end scheme and the installation of individual GRPSh for each consumer is given.

    Keywords: reconstruction, gas supply system, production workshop,gas reduction point, material characteristics, enterprise, gas distribution network

  • Organization of air exchange in gasified rooms of residential buildings and the dependence of the diameters of ventilation channels on the volumes of these rooms

    The problems of the organization of air exchange in gasified premises of residential buildings are considered. The requirements of regulatory documents for the definition of air exchange are given. The areas of ventilation grilles are determined based on two conditions. Recommendations are given for the implementation of a particular requirement in specific design conditions.

    Keywords: gasified room, air exchange, triple air exchange, single air exchange, standard, ventilation channel, diameter, ventilation, exhaust, inflow, volume of the room, air velocity

  • Optimizing the number and range of the PWG in view stable operation of the gas pressure regulator

    In modern conditions developed and used hydraulic calculation of gas networks program. With them, you can get the pressure value at the nodes of the distribution system of gas supply, costs, and gas velocity in the settlement areas. But do not count in these economic aspects, ie, It is not determined the most economical option, which can be obtained by optimizing the individual characteristics of the gas network. These characteristics in the development of the concept of gas supply is a rational distribution points gas reduction and determination of optimal kolichestva.Priveden calculation of the optimal number of the PWG and the optimal diameter of individual sections of the network of medium pressure gas pipelines to ensure the best economic performance timing system. Defined pressure regulator bandwidth capacity for its stable operation. To determine the effect an increase in the inlet pressure on the diameter of the pipeline.

    Keywords: optimum range, the optimum load, optimization of pressure, the diameter of the gas-supply circuit, the hydraulic calculation capacity pressure regulator.