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  • The family in forming values of trust among the youth of the modern Russian city

    Family is the most important actor in cultivating values of trust in the youth environment, however, the effectiveness of implementing this feature of the Russian family is limited to the trends occurring on the macro level and marked by a lack of trust in society, both at the macro and micro levels. Very clearly a crisis of confidence manifests itself in the urban environment of Russian society. Eventually, trust transforms into a family value that identifies the microcosm of the family interactions. The reality of the external world to the world of the family, urban youth perceive as socially unjust and full of distrust, determines, in the end, and the low trust rating in the system of values of young Russians.

    Keywords: family, trust, youth, urban youth, urban environment, values, social justice, Russian society

  • Social health of the student youth in the conditions of crisis of social justice: challenges and threats to Russia's security

    This article is devoted to the social health of the Russian student youth, and the sociological analysis of threats to Russia's security in the conditions of crisis of social justice. In this article, the social health of young people implies a sense of social justice, the state of protection of vital interests of a young man from dangers and threats. The article is based on the results of original empirical research. Of particular relevance to sociological studies of this phenomenon attaches to the fact that they allow to penetrate into the inner world of youth, closed for statistical, psychological and economic methods and means to understand the perception of social justice, to understand the value of dispositions and expectations, timely notice nominee disorder and social ill-health.

    Keywords: social health, students, security, social justice, threats to Russia's security

  • Happy childhood as the basis for the social health of young generations: sociological indicators of measurement

    Presented by the authors in the article an analysis is made of the safe childhood and the authors, on the basis of the concept of research, offer safe to consider childhood as a social phenomenon that characterizes the process of socialization and maturation of the personality from the standpoint of the creation of all necessary conditions for the formation of its physical and social health. Under the social health of the young generation authors is understood as a state of well-being considered from the perspective of primary family socialization, parent-child relations, the system of socialization of family values and preferences, ethical and moral norms of family society, a reflection of the attitude of parents to their children. The main conclusion by the authors, is that childhood in modern Russia is gradually losing safe features that, in turn, defines a deep interest in the issue of childhood in Russia and the need for timely diagnosis and sociological well-being/ill-being of childhood as an indicator of future social, spiritual and physical condition of Russian youth.

    Keywords: social health, a safe childhood, socialization, parenting, parenthood, family, the younger generation

  • Subcultural features tattoo practice as a way to diagnose the social health of young people

    The article analyzes the characteristics of the tattoo practice as a way to diagnose the social health of today's youth. The relevance of this article lies in the fact that it can expand the number of non-verbal format manifestations of social health (along with social pathology, ill health).

    Keywords: youth, youth subculture tattoo practices, diagnostics, social health, youth subculture.

  • A sociological analysis of social health of the student youth of the South of Russia in the framework of the theory of structural marginality.

    In this article the social health of the student youth as a social phenomenon is considered in the context of the theory of structural marginality. The author describes and explains the condition of the marginalized status of the student youth of the South of Russia. Social health of the student youth of the South of Russia is a reflection of the degree of her marginal position in society.

    Keywords: "Social health, Russian student youth, structural marginality, status, social value, satisfaction with life, the South of Russia. "

  • Multifactor model determinacy social health of the youth in Russian society

    This paper presents a multi-factor model of determinacy social health of youth. The author analysis of external (institutional and systemic) and internal (reflexive, behavioral) factors which affecting to the social health of modern Russian youth. The necessity of the integrative, complex approach is justified for the study of the influence mechanism of action of external and internal factors on the genesis of social health of young people.

    Keywords: model, institutional, systemic and reflective factors, social health, behavioral strategies, risk factors, Russian youth.

  • The integrative model of social health student youth: theoretical and methodological rational of the study

    The article gives quite a full view of the model of social health of student youth from theory and methodology of structural and integral approach developed by T. Parsons. The author introduces a special modus components for the model of social health. This article is original and opening wide perspectives for further research.

    Keywords: model, social integration, social health, student youth, cognitive modus, emotional component, behavior component, state, evaluative modus

  • The social analyze of the conceptual models of social health.

    The sociological study of conceptual models of social health serves an important aspect of studying the potential of man and  the system of the formation, preservation and tracking health in the modern society. An author analyses the models of the social health in sociological knowledge. Concluded that further research and application of study that phenomenon.    

    Keywords: Sociological analyze, social health, biosocial model, environmental model, value-social model, the functional model

  • Health keeping models of professional socialization of student’s youth in uncertain social conditions.

    The article considers opportunities of model’s approach to practice of health keeping in the context of professional socialization of student’s youth in the modern uncertain social conditions. The author also suggests the health keeping factors model of professional socialization of student’s youth having a personal-focused direction.

    Keywords: health keeping models, professional socialization, student’s youth, conditions of uncertain social, factor’s model, personal-focused direction