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  • Optimization of thermal energy storage and storage processes in active solar systems

    The problems of irrational expenditure of energy resources leading to the depletion of natural reserves of fossil fuels and environmental pollution are considered. The analysis of the main issues considered in the course of improving solar heat supply systems is carried out. Current scientific, practical and statistical data are systematized, in the process of which ways to increase the efficiency of active solar systems are proposed.

    Keywords: solar heat supply systems, energy saving, thermal energy accumulation, energy storage, thermal energy conservation, solar installation

  • Optimization of technical solutions in the design of air cleaning systems

    The results of analysis of regulatory requirements for dust collection systems based on existing environmental legislation. Development of systems for dust collection and dust extractor is using the tools of quality management. It has established a set of basic technical requirements for systems of dust removal and their parts taking into account modern requirements for energy efficiency.

    Keywords: ecology, environmental regulations, dust collection, air quality management, dust collectors, energy efficiency

  • Simulation of theprognosis andimprove the reliability ofthe ventilation systems

    he urgency of determining the reliability as the main criterion for the reliability of ventilation systems. The approaches to the determination of the reliability of the ventilation system, the criteria for estimating the parameters of their work, the model of the process of prognosis and improve the reliability of the ventilation systems. Therefore, to quantify the reliability of ventilation systems proposed an approach based on the analysis and evaluation of the physical premises of failures.

    Keywords: Reliability, mechanical, exhaust, ventilation, technical, system reliability