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  • Mathematical modeling of the thermal regime of premises

    A review of methods for calculating microclimate parameters is performed. The possibility of using existing mathematical models to describe the aerodynamic characteristics of ventilation valves and optimize their performance indicators: productivity, hydraulic resistance, density, response time and other parameters that form their efficiency is considered. In order to assess the correspondence of the obtained mathematical dependencies, a physical experiment was conducted. The adequacy of the mathematical model was verified by comparing the results of calculating the parameters of the internal environment in the SolidWorks software and computing complex with experimental data.

    Keywords: microclimate parameters, heat and mass transfer, mathematical modeling, heat transfer resistance, experimental study of microclimate, air mobility, valve

  • Optimization of technical solutions in the design of air cleaning systems

    The results of analysis of regulatory requirements for dust collection systems based on existing environmental legislation. Development of systems for dust collection and dust extractor is using the tools of quality management. It has established a set of basic technical requirements for systems of dust removal and their parts taking into account modern requirements for energy efficiency.

    Keywords: ecology, environmental regulations, dust collection, air quality management, dust collectors, energy efficiency

  • Joining the energy efficiency of water heating to heat networks

    The results of the analysis of the energy efficiency of water heating's accession to the heat network. Introduced the concept of the coefficient of the hydropower efficiency. Discusses the features of its calculation in the dependent scheme of attaching the water heating system of consumers to the heat network and the independent circuit.

    Keywords: Heat supply network, individual heating unit, water heating system, energy efficiency, hydropower efficiency ratio

  • Features of norms of waste production and consumption

    In article questions rationing in the field of the address of waste are reflected, methods of definition of standards of formation of waste are analysed, their quality standard is carried out

    Keywords: waste, the education standard, definition methods, limits on placement, ecological safety