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  • Computer simulation of interaction of silicate and phosphate additives by quantum chemical analysis

    This paper presents two methods of computer simulation (quantum chemical analysis and molecular dynamics) of the interaction of additives with the iron surface. Quantum chemical interaction of silicate and phosphate additives with iron surface was carried out. The plate model was used for quantum chemical analysis, calculations were carried out in the DFT approximation. The method of molecular dynamics is based on the calculation of the evolution of the system of interacting particles of atoms and molecules by integrating the equations of their motion. It is shown that the oxidation of the surface leads to a decrease in the adhesion energy of both individual additives and their combinations, allowing to find the influencing factors on the behavior of tribosystems.

    Keywords: lubricant, method, quantum chemical analysis, molecular dynamics, tribology, friction, computer simulation

  • Theoretical study of the mechanism of mixed (semifluid) lubrication in contact "solid lubricant enveloped rod-wheel-rail"

    A theoretical study of the mechanism of mixed (semifluid) the interaction of the solid lubricant lubricants shell rods with contact "wheel-rail." Methods for determination of the average standard resource shell lubricating grease solid rods and medium wear hard shell shell lubricants rods in various combinations shells at different ranges of temperatures. A fundamentally new way of tribology hard shell lubricants rods "shell holder - movie." Determined on the basis of laboratory tests the new composition of lubricating rods having good lubricity and increased resource consumption less lubrication at elevated temperatures of contact compared to a typical sample of lubricating rods.
    Keywords: Mixed lubrication, solid lubricants shell cores, contact "wheel-rail", the average standard resource lubricant, the average wear of the shell, a new way of tribology "shell holder - movie."