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  • Analysis of the object-oriented paradigm implementation in the open source projects

    The article describes the specifics of OOP concepts implementation in the open source projects that contain address book model in comparison to OASIS UBL Party Reference model. The open source software analysis is performed using the formal criteria for evaluating the matching between open source project models and reference model based on quantitative characteristics, conceptual graph transformation and cluster analysis. First, the scope coverage, elaboration factor and structural connectedness were calculated based on model parameters. Second, the domain models were represented as conceptual graphs and they were compared based on semantic equivalence. And third, the model was clustered into four subdomains, and quantitative characteistics were evaluated separately for each cluster. Based on the experimental results of model analysis the authors propose methods to reduce the conceptual mismatch between reference model and project models.

    Keywords: OOP, semantic analysis, reference model, OASIS UBL, conceptual graph, cluster analysis