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  • Solar collector with independent heating circuit as an innovative direction of solar installations development

    the article presents a possible concept of improving the flat solar collector in order to intensify the heat exchange process, which increases the quality and efficiency of the equipment under consideration. A brief description of the proposed configuration of the device is given. The positive aspects of such technology are described

    Keywords: energy saving, heat exchange process intensification, independent heating circuit, irrational energy consumption

  • Improvement of the heat exchange panel of the solar collector

    the article considers the possibility of increasing the efficiency of the solar collector by improving its heat exchange panel, which is implemented by optimizing the heat exchange processes using the concept of combining the thermal properties of different metals. The positive aspects of this method are described. A brief description of the comparative analysis is given

    Keywords: heat exchange panel, energy saving, solar installation, alternative energy sources, thermal properties, heat transfer optimization, solar collector, heat exchange intensification

  • Optimization of heat transfer process of the heat exchange panel of the solar collector

    the article presents the ways of implementation of the strategy focused on the optimization of the process of heat transfer of solar installations, with the applied in their device combined heat exchange panel of aluminum profile elements tightly crimping copper tubes with coolant. Based on the comparative analysis of the two configurations of this device, the methods of heat transfer intensification from the absorbing surface to the working medium in flat-type solar collectors are proposed

    Keywords: energy saving, efficiency, optimization, heat transfer, heat capacity, heat exchange panel, heat exchange, solar installation, solar collector, alternative energy sources

  • Optimization of heating and ventilation of the room with the use of utilization of flue gases

    the article presents the ways to implement the concept of using the secondary energy potential suitable for a less energy-intensive system. The positive aspects of the use of waste gas heat for heating the premises, as well as methods of optimization of processes, in order to improve the efficiency of the system and the preservation of temperature and gas conditions that meet the conditions of permanent residence of a person in the service area

    Keywords: energy saving, energy resources, wasteful consumption of resources, energy sources, heating, ventilation, efficiency, loss minimization, utilization of flue gases, optimization, engineering solutions