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  • Destruction of bridges as a result of flood disaster

    The article deals with the problem of the functional state of the bridge park in Russia. The statistics of the number of bridges, newly built bridges. Attention is focused on the inconsistency of old bridges with modern regulatory requirements for safety, carrying capacity, and carrying capacity. Noted on the relevance of flood impact on bridges and roads. The causes of occurrence are described. The problem of flood forecasting is highlighted. Examples of accidents of bridge structures from the effects of water flow are given: sediment, roll of supports and abutments, erosion of the embankment approach. Based on the situation in the city of Chita, the statistics of the frequency of flooding in different years are given, the critical levels of these disasters are indicated, and statistics on the consequences of the impact of the flood is given. The impact of the normative water flow is considered, and it is proposed to analyze the effect of the excess flow arising from the maximum level of bottling. Presents the results of calculations for which comparisons are made of various approaches to determine the depth of erosion of the channel.

    Keywords: bridges, flood impact, safety, bridge destruction, regulatory documents, erosion depth, water flow

  • Reconstruction of the overpass as a safety requirement

    Issues related to the safe operation of the transport system as a whole. The article touches upon the questions on how to repair the car in Volgograd. In the city, this guide is the only link in the area. Long-term operation of the overpass led to the accumulation of a large number of defects and damages that prevented it from being fully used. Accounting for all aspects of the safe use of the way to ensure its sustainable functioning. The measures ensuring the safe operation of transport facilities include: increasing the dimensions of the roadway of the overpass, strengthening structures to increase the carrying capacity to normative work, processing and storing seismic precipitation on the span, installing a video camera for rapid response in case of traffic accidents and illegal actions. To increase the load-bearing structures, the new beams should be replaced with new beams, designed for high loads, and also use composite reinforcement with carbon fiber.

    Keywords: safety, load-carrying capacity, reconstruction, bridges, sustainable functioning, reinforcement, diagnostics of structures, waterproofing

  • Waterproofing of reinforced concrete bridges - the main protection of structures from corrosion

    In the article the main types of corrosion of concrete, such as chloride, sulfate, acid and carbon dioxide, are considered, the mechanism of cement stone damage is given. The danger of leaching of concrete is shown. Protection of bridges from penetration of aggressive moisture is waterproofing. Materials used for the device of waterproofing in our country are given, their advantages and disadvantages.

    Keywords: Waterproofing bridges, carbon dioxide corrosion, chloride corrosion, acid corrosion, concrete leaching, waterproofing materials, adhesion