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  • Development of forms of organization of production in the context of the formation of business entities Industry

    This article analyzes the main trends in the development of forms of organization of production - concentration, specialization, cooperation, combining - in the system of economic entities. Addresses the issues of interdependence and interpenetration of forms of organization of production, as well as their relationship with the development of logistics development as a specific form of organization of production.
    Keywords: Forms of organization of production, concentration, specialization, cooperation, combining, economic education, and logistics.


  • Renovation of labor as a tool to improve the efficiency of labor

    The article describes the issues of reproduction of labor resources through their renovation, which serves as a tool to improve efficiency. The necessity of effective organization of health and leisure facilities, social protection for the workforce through the use of Redevelopment services. 
    Keywords: Manpower, renovation, the efficiency of labor, health, enterprise, social protection.