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  • ThThe application of information technology in teaching electrical disciplines

    Article is devoted to the Organization of educational process on discipline "theoretical bases of electrical engineering" at the Department of theoretical and general electrical engineering» NSTU. R.e. Alexeev.  Methodology for teaching the TOE using information technologies developed and tested.  Using  Mathcad and Matlab package gives the best effect in teaching.  The developed method of learning offers a direct use of information technologies in all organizational forms of education.  The efficiency study of theoretical material is enhanced by the use of multimedia lectures on discipline. Mastering the techniques of mathematical modeling in computer mathematics package Mathcad environment occurs in practice. It is in the description of a mathematical algorithm of problem solving. Students describe the mathematical algorithm of problem solving.
    Modelling of processes and objects by using the schema of replacement is a Matlab package and MULTISIM ANALOG DEVACES EDITION during laboratory work.  

    Keywords: training technique, information technology, theoretical bases of electrical engineering, mathematical packages, MATHCAD, MATLAB и MULTISIM ANALOG DEVACES EDITION, multimedia lectures.