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  • Investigation of electrophysical characteristics of solar panel using a computerized measuring stand

    In order to determine the prospects of the use of solar panels as a basis for the creation of the charger, you must know the several parameters: short circuit current, open circuit voltage, coefficient of efficiency and others. In this paper, these parameters are measured based on the results of research the current-voltage characteristics of the solar panels, resulting in an automatic mode with the use of a computer and a digital meter E7-20.

    Keywords: Solar cell, solar panel, solar battery, power source, charger, current-voltage characteristic, coefficient of efficiency, LCR meter

  • Software for the use of video-ocular DCM-310 in histological research

    The description of the developed software to apply digital video-ocular DCM-310 in the process of the histological examination is provided. The program allows us to display on the computer screen tissue samples and automatically measure the region of interest. This allows the doctor-pathologist to perform work at a high technical level and increase the efficiency of his work.

    Keywords: histology, diagnostics of malignant tumours, biopsy, measurements, video-ocular, software, microscope

  • The hardware and software for improving of the functionality of colposcope KS-013dM.

    The hardware and software for improving of the functionality of colposcope KS-013dM are considered. Application of digital video-ocular DCM-510 together with developed software allows to significantly improve the characteristics of the medical device and to approach its capabilities to the units of higher price category. The program allows you to automatically generate the examination protocol, which significantly increases the efficiency of the physician's work. This improvement can be implemented in small clinics with low budget.

    Keywords: colposcope, colposcopy, video-ocular

  • "Methods of determining the grain boundary diffusion coefficient impurities in metals on the basis of numerical solutions for the Fisher model"

    In the introduction the relevance of the study of diffusion along grain boundaries in metals. The aim of the work was to develop a method for determining the diffusion coefficient of impurity atoms at the grain boundaries in metals based on the numerical solution of the model by Fisher. The methodology laid plotting the ratio of the depth of bulk diffusion and grain boundary diffusion on the ratio of the diffusion coefficients of impurity atoms in them. In the construction of numerical solutions available to simplify the modeling of the physical nature of the process of diffusion along grain boundaries. The technique may be used in experiments with widely varying parameters diffusion annealing. Examples of the application procedure. The estimation of the coefficient of grain-boundary diffusion of copper in polycrystalline nickel. Also calculated the ratio of maximal depth of diffusion of silver in the grain and the grain boundary in the SMC copper.

    Keywords: diversification of management, production diversification, financial and economic purposes of a diversification, technological purposes of ensuring flexibility of production