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  • Development and use of an automated training system to improve the process of training software testing specialists

    The problem of increasing the efficiency of training specialists in software testing based on the use of an automated training system to control the process of formation of professional competencies is considered. To reduce the labor intensity and increase the efficiency of the testing process, the task is to train the novice specialist in modern testing techniques, including taking into account the experience of real software projects. The use of automation tools can intensify and improve the quality of the learning task. The paper proposes models and algorithms to control the formation of professional knowledge and skills of specialists in testing using modern mathematical methods. The research is supported by a stipend of the President of the Russian Federation to young scientists and post-graduate students (No. SP-100.2018.5), which was assigned by the grants Council of the President of the Russian Federation.

    Keywords: automated training systems, software testing, personnel training, professional knowledge and skills