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  • Trends in the development of technical means of cleaning and sorting seeds of agricultural crops

    Scientific research to determine the optimal combination of technical means in the system of cleaning and sorting seeds. We carried out a system analysis of the current state of technical means of cleaning and sorting. The main task of promising research and development work is the development of a high-precision computer-based seed sorter with an electron-optical analyzer of their properties, including the internal structure of seeds. The main result of the use of a complex of technical means of electron-optical cleaning and sorting of seeds in the selection and seed production of grain crops is an increase in their yield.

    Keywords: seeds, cleaning, sorting, photo separator, x-ray, IR spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy

  • Laboratory studies of a prototype of a gravity-pneumatic grain-seed cleaner

    Based on the results of theoretical and experimental studies at FGBAC FNAC VIM, we conducted a system analysis of the existing gravitational grain cleaning machines and developed a prototype of a gravity-pneumatic seed-seeding machine (VIM-3). His laboratory (preliminary) tests were carried out. The general view, constructive and techno logical scheme of the machine are presented. The prototype of a cleaning machine can purify wheat seeds up to 99.5% by feeding the processed material up to 2.5 t / h with an impurity content of more than 80%, which corresponds to the category of OS and ES of GOST R 52325-2005, as well as to international norms .

    Keywords: System analysis of grain cleaning machines, gravity column, pneumatic assortment channel, specific metal consumption, productivity increase