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  • Development of a mobile training system for learning foreign languages

    The article presents the results of the development of research in the field of automated teaching of foreign languages (on the example of English) on a mobile device with the IOS operating system. A feature of the developed simulator-training system (TOS) is the possibility of forming an individual approach to teaching students to improve the quality of education, using theoretical and practical material, based on the performance of the student. The introduction of TOS contributes to improving the quality of education due to the ease of mastering the material, as well as a clear control of the topics studied. The relevance of the developed application is determined by the popularity and availability of mobile devices, as well as the high prospects for the implementation of applications (in particular, in the field of education and self-education) for this platform.

    Keywords: training systems, mobile devices, foreign languages, training, mobile application, IOS, Apple, information technology

  • Study of spectrophotometric characteristics of glass-coating

    Produced synthesis steklomatrits to make white glass-ceramic enamel coatings for steel products with various color shades in the system R2O-RO-B2O3-Al2O3-SiO2-TiO2-P2O5-F- and investigated their spectrophotometric properties. We describe the basic features of different models of determining the color characteristics of the resulting coatings and choose the best for the objective of determining the parameters of color shades of white glass-ceramic enamel coatings for steel products.

    Keywords: glass-ceramic enamel coating, protective coating for steel products, corrosion protection, spectrophotometric characteristics, color shades, whiteness, brightness, color models