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  • Parametric modeling of the floor slab in the Ansys complex

    The modeling of a hollow core slab in the finite element complex Ansys is considered. The construction of a 3D model is considered. Numerical modeling was carried out under static loading of the floor slab. The influence of material properties on the parameters of the stress state and deflection of the structure is investigated. Based on a numerical experiment, an approach to assessing the characteristics of a structure is constructed.

    Keywords: hollow core slab, static analysis, modeling, FEM, Ansys, stress state, deflection

  • Linear surface of equi-affine transformations

    Linear surfaces of congruence of parabolic rotation which sections are Equiaffine figure (the secant plane is parallel to the plane xOy) are described. The coefficients of quadratic forms of surfaces are determined. A special case of the surface is considered which is obtained by immersion of a circle in a parabolic congruence. The relationships of equi-affine transformation of a circle and the location of the secant plane are determined.

    Keywords: linear surface, a congruence of parabolic rotation, Equi-affine transformation,quadratic form, invariant, parametric equations