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  • Simulation of the design activity diversification of innovative enterprise

    The article presents an analysis of objects with concrete-filled steel tube columns. Also the article describes methods for solving the concomitant disadvantages and describes ways to increase the effectiveness of this solution. Prospects for studies of increasing the adhesive component of the mutual work of the concrete core and steel shell are presented. The analysis allows you to give recommendations on the following issues: improving the technological level of concrete-filled steel tube columns, the convenience of joining the column with the frame.

    Keywords: concrete-filled steel tube columns, combined steel and reinforced concrete structures, tubular section, fixed formwork, steel cage, concrete core, adhesion of materials, side compression effect, frame building, construction in the low-temperature conditio

  • Using the thermal imaging method to examine buildings and structures: review

    Thermal imaging technology has become one of the most valuable diagnostic tools for inspecting and inspecting buildings and structures. This article describes the features of this method, the history of its creation, the basic principles of thermal imaging cameras. The authors of the article show the scope of thermal imaging technologies and their place in the construction industry. This article describes in detail both the positive aspects of thermal imaging technologies and their shortcomings. The authors concluded that thermal imaging cameras are a universal tool, and new innovative ways to use them have become a key technology for construction inspection work around the world.

    Keywords: thermal imager, thermography, thermal imaging device, building inspection, reconstruction, energy audit, construction diagnostics, thermal imaging

  • On the issue of of possibilities and areas of rational application of 3D printing technology for building structures

    The article contains information about the results of the analysis of features and world experience in the application of well-known types of 3D printing technology in the construction industry. The advantages, disadvantages, and the identified area of rational application of technology in various construction cycles of the main period of the creation of buildings and special structures are clarified.

    Keywords: construction, 3D printing, 3D building printer, concrete mix, concrete extrusion, 3D spraying, labor costs, pace of construction, concrete work, layer-by-layer extrusion method

  • Rationalization of technological, structural and architectural solutions of cable-stayed roofs of long-span stadiums

    The paper presents an analysis of stadiums with cable-stayed roof, in the context of progressive solutions used in various construction cycles. On the basis of the systematization carried out, the directions of the rational use of the identified methods of reducing material consumption and deformability, increasing the rigidity, stability of structures, improving the efficiency of installation work have been highlighted.

    Keywords: cable-stayed roof, long-span building, steel cable, aerodynamics, cable-stray, pylon, sports object, stadium, hanging roof, translucent roofing, light opening roof, monitoring system of the technical condition of the object, cable roof mounting

  • Analysis and systematization of the causes of bridge structures destruction

    The paper presents the classification of the main causal aspects of the occurrence of catastrophes of large-span bridge structures, given with elements of the analysis of actual examples of the destruction of structures of various types. Also are described the innovative developments applicable in the field.

    Keywords: fatigue failure, bridge, large-span bridge, failure of structures, destruction of bridge structures, accident in construction, resonance, wear, aerodynamics of bridge structures, stiffness beam, bolted joint

  • The main methods of increasing the stability and rigidity of large-span cable-stayed and hanging bridge structures

    The paper presents the systematization of the main methods for increasing the rigidity and stability of the cable-stayed and hanging types bridge structures , its given in conjunction with the analysis of the real objects. Among the methods presented are such techniques as: improving the quality of the material; additional structural elements that perceive vibrations; modification of the main elements of the design scheme. Also in the paper innovative developments applicable in the field of study are described.

    Keywords: transport structure, bridge, cable-stayed bridge, suspension bridge, bridge construction, guyed, pylon, rigidity of the bridge structure, stability of the bridge structure, operational safety of the bridge, aerodynamics of the bridge

  • Assessment of the potential of the Southern Federal District for the construction of innovative solar and wind power plants

    The paper presents the characteristics of wind and solar resources of the Southern Federal District on the basis of which the assessment of the prospects for introducing innovative innovations such as perovskite photovoltaic cells and Vertical-axis wind turbines into the process of district energy production is given.

    Keywords: Vertical-axis wind turbines, alternative energy source, wind power, wind turbine, renewable energy source, perovskite photocell, solar battery, solar energy, energy resources of the Southern Federal District, energy saving

  • Introduction of media facades to urban space: constructive and architectural solutions

    The paper presents the characteristics of the leading types of media facade constructions on the market, on the basis of the analysis of which the prospects for the introduction of technology into the urban space were evaluated. The article also describes the main types structural and architectural solutions that determine the rationality of the use of a particular type of media facade.

    Keywords: media facade, cluster media facade, framed media facade, frameless media facade, modular media facade, LED, architectural lighting, LED screen, media facade design, interactive facade

  • Outriggers of high-rise buildings

    The article deals with the problems of using structural systems with outriggers for high-rise buildings. The analysis of various designs is carried out, the features of their work are specified, the advantages and disadvantages are identified, the areas of their application.

    Keywords: high-rise building, structural system, outrigger, skyscraper, column, core of rigidity, strength, reliability, horizontal load, aerodynamics

  • Energy saving in Russia: main problems and prospects

    The article examines the directions of development of energy saving system in Russia at the present stage, as well as foreign practices. The prospects for development and the main problems in this area are defined. Organizational, economic and legal bases for stimulating energy saving and improving the energy efficiency of buildings are highlighted.

    Keywords: energy saving, energy efficiency, resource saving, environment, territorial development, alternative energy sources, energy resources