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  • Electronic volume temperature correction in natural gas accounting units

    Temperature correction of natural gas volume is considered. Article was proove the positive econoimic effect for end consumer of the usage accounting units with temperature correction. Was descrided the technical issues of gas temperature measurements and mathematical expressions for indirect measurenets.

    Keywords: temperature correction, temperature compensation, bringing gas to standard conditions, natural gas accounting unit, indirect temperature measurement of gases

  • Inertial module as an important component of the mobile complex of ergometery

    This article discusses aspects of the registrar accelerations and angular velocities to determine the power that develops a person while driving. Knowledge of this power with the simultaneous recording of electrocardiogram and possibly electromyogram lower limb muscles allows a comprehensive evaluation of the cardiovascular system. The use of inertial modules in modern cardiomonitors will significantly expand the diagnostic capabilities hidden ischemia in the early stages of the disease.

    Keywords: inertial unit, walking, sensors, angular rate sensor, accelerometer, developed capacity, orientation of a rigid body, the quaternions

  • Analysis of the adjustment threshold for QRS complexes

    This article deals with the problem of adaptive threshold for the allocation of R-wave with Holter. Considered one of the embodiments of the microcontroller detection algorithm R-wave. Based on this algorithm, the analysis of the stability at two variants prediction threshold and different coefficients. Obtained plots of the stability of the algorithm on the selected coefficients.

    Keywords: microcontroller, Holter ECG, QRS - complex ehlektrokardiosignala, adaptive threshold, the allocation of R-wave, electrocardiography, the algorithm adjust the threshold.