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  • Comparison of cold hardiness performance of heavy concrete class B35 obtained by vibrating and centrifuging

    By centrifuging it is possible to manufacture a wide range of building structures and products from reinforced concrete. Such products have several advantages, being relevant in modern construction, however, it requires careful compliance and quality control of the process. The frost resistance of concrete is one of the main indicators characterizing the durability of such building structures as reinforced concrete pillars of power transmission lines and contact network. The analysis of the literature and a series of experimental studies in the laboratory. The influence of the technology of manufacturing products from heavy concrete on the indicator of their cold resistance has been identified and determined.

    Keywords: Racks of power transmission poles, racks of supports of the contact network, centrifugation, vibrating, frost resistance, heterogeneity of concrete, variotropy

  • Improvement of manufacturing technology of centrifuged products due to separate introduction of mineral components of concrete mix

    Presented and theoretically justified ways of improving the technology of centrifugation, to increase the uniformity of the concrete structure in the cross section, for example, by way of separate introduction of the components of concrete, the essence of which in the manufacture of spun goods consists in the introduction into the molding unit prior to the stage of compaction of coarse aggregate. The results of physical and mechanical tests of centrifuged concrete, showing that the layer-by-layer introduction of the concrete mixture components by the first method leads to an increase in the compressive strength in all layers of centrifuged concrete

    Keywords: concrete, centrifugation, uniformity of structure, layer-by-layer introduction of components, compaction, water absorption at capillary suction, strength

  • The algorithm of repair work for electricity pilons of transmission line

    The article presents the algorithm of repair work for electricity pilons of transmission line.The technical diagnostics based on complex method includes a visual inspection, instrumental and vibration diagnostics for electricity pilons of transmission lines. Pilons has defects: inclined cracked faces with a length of 25-30 cm , with a crack width of 0,4-0,7 mm . Were selected effective repair compositions for restoring reinforced concrete structures rack transmission towers:modified fine-grained concrete, polymer concrete. The article presents an example of analytical modeling of natural vibrations of a reinforced concrete pilons of transmission lines with defects in the base. This article contains a list of repair works. The material presented can be used in the development of methods of diagnostics and monitoring of technical condition of different structures of the core type.

    Keywords: Algorithm, repair, category of defects, non-destructive testing methods, pilons of transmission lines, vibrodiagnostics