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  • Principles of creating a server architecture for stable operation of iTOP CMDB and ensuring protection of the server from hacker attacks

    In the development of cloud providers, not only the types of services they provide play a significant role, but also fault tolerance to service failures. It is important for a cloud service provider to prepare and configure the server and service for fault-tolerant operation so that the customer works with a high degree of readiness and reliability in the system allocated to him. To prepare such a server, it is very important to think carefully about the architecture of the virtual machine, on which all the necessary means of data exchange and integration for the operation of the service will be installed, and protection against network threats that can disrupt the server's performance will be configured. The purpose of the work is to create a virtual machine architecture protected from network threats, which provides customers with access to the iTOP CMDB system. Despite the fact that there can be any number of customers, the iTOP CMDB system should be provided to each customer with its own version, which he can administer. The user can log in using an Internet browser by entering the name of his organization as a domain. The authors present a demonstration of the iTOP CMDB system, which is located on a virtual machine protected from network threats.

    Keywords: virtual machine, architecture, firewall, iTOP CMDB system, server, network threat, network attack, IP address, firewall, request