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  • Obtaininq a ferromanqanese alloy by the metallothermal method and determining the content of the elements (Fe, Mn) by the potentiometricSimulation of the design activity diversification of innovative enterprise

    TThe processes of creating a composite metal-thermal fuel, obtained on the basis of domestic mineral resources of the Batken region is investigated in this article. The bauxites of the Kadamzhai deposit in the Batken region were studied and the percentages of chemical elements in bauxite were determined. It is shown that the researched bauxite consists of mainly from aluminum (61.2%) and iron (30.2%). We obtained ferroalloy and other secondary substances in the process of metallothermic reactions and composite metal-thermal fuel was obtained according to the following scheme: the raw materials were dried to constant weight; grinded to a powder and fractionated through a sieve (50-250 mm) in size; weighed the composite mass composition in percent; ferromanganese alloys and secondary substances were obtained through the metallothermic method; The physicochemical analysis on the content of manganese and iron from the composition of the ferromanganese was studied by the potentiometric method. Ferroalloy (ferromanganese) and by-products (potassium glycerate, aluminum nitrate) based on bauxite of the Kadamzhai deposit in the Batken region were obtained. It is shown that the percentage of manganese in the composition of ferromanganese is 69.2%. To study the content of manganese from the alloy (Ferromanganese), the universal ion meter EV-74 was used equipped with glass and calomel electrodes (chlorine-silver).

    Keywords: Thermal effect, optimization, composite, conditions, of the mettalothermic reaction, composition fraction, drying, oxide, fuel, ferroalloy ferromanganese, spectrograph, photographic plate, photometer, ionomer, calibration