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  • Ways to solve the problem of siltation of the Krasnodar reservoir for the rational use of water resources of floodplain territories

    This article presents the results of solving the problem of silting of the Krasnodar reservoir for the rational use of water resources of floodplain territories. The forecast of changes in sediment for the future is determined taking into account an increase in the overgrowth of the reservoir, further processing of the coastline, as well as a decrease in afforestation and an increase in cultivated areas in the river basin. Kuban. Given these factors, the increase in sediment volumes in the reservoir alignment will increase annually by 0.13% and by 2036 will amount to 18.01 million m3 per year. The main measures to improve the transport of sediment into the dead volume bowl are considered, and ways to solve the siltation problem by clearing the flooded riverbeds are proposed to be carried out by the method of stirring, since this method is used in reservoirs with flow, because its essence lies in the fact that silt sediments are agitated with the help of a floating dredger with water jets and the pulp is not sucked into the dredger, and suspended sediments are transported by the flow of water into the bowl of the "dead" volume of the reservoir. The use of this method is recommended for economic reasons, since it is 2.4 times cheaper than cleaning with pulp removal. The actual use of the Krasnodar reservoir is currently consistent with the design purpose. Sediment runoff in the river basin Kuban is determined by water erosion. Water erosion is especially pronounced in the mountainous and foothill parts, which is facilitated by the mountain-valley relief and large slopes of river channels. Precipitation falling on the underlying surface, in particular intense downpours, heavy snowmelt, debris material is washed off the catchment area into the river, forming a sediment runoff. An important role here is played by the composition of the rocks that make up the catchment, its afforestation, agrotechnical and water management measures carried out on the catchment area and in the riverbed.

    Keywords: siltation, reservoir, water resources, floodplain territories, rational water use, water resources