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  • Models of formation of integration projects on the basis of growth points of subjects of the southern Federal district

    Research of models of formation of integration projects on the basis of points of growth reveals a number of important aspects related to the stages and management of their implementation. The focus on the formation and support of growth points essentially excludes the use of unary models in the planning and implementation of projects within the framework of national programs. In order to overcome the limitations imposed by this type of project, various integrative mechanisms are proposed. The peculiarity of the considered binary models describing the integration mechanisms is the preservation of the basic cycle of the project points of growth within the national program. However, the introduction of additional contours in the model with growth accelerators, with related or integrated projects, as well as attracted resources can reduce the risks caused by high rates of development and innovation issues. The integration potential of the binary model with the project of the growth point in the basic circuit generates a dynamic competitive advantage, i.e. a sustainable, increasing advantage over time that is not related to the amount of initial funding. This advantage generates a powerful growth cycle that can provide a significant increase in profitability over a long period of time. The integrative nature of growth point projects should be envisaged already at the planning stage of national programmes with appropriate monitoring and funding instruments.

    Keywords: Decree of the President of Russia, southern Federal district, points of growth, model, project, program, integration, mechanism

  • Engineering open public forum "Rozmysly" model of open professional community

    The present publication continues the presentation of the results of the project of creation of Russia's first Engineering forum for scientific and technological activities, social and technological entrepreneurship "Rozmysly", developing the principles of open public interdisciplinary electronic environment. The development of new communication technologies in the framework of educational projects on the forum platform is revealed. Educational projects make it possible to involve in scientific engineering knowledge an even wider range of specialists-practitioners, research engineers, young scientists, applicants, graduate students, students by providing them with opportunities for remote participation in educational projects. It is shown that the basic advantage is achieved through the implementation of the principle of professional social network, which is a kind of interdisciplinary scientific and technological engineering forum.The project "Engineering open public forum of scientific and technological activities, social and technological entrepreneurship "Rozmysly" of the Rostov branch of the Russian engineering Academy is carried out using the grant of the President of the Russian Federation for the development of civil society, provided by the presidential grants Fund.

    Keywords: website, Internet platform, engineering forum, open access, training, foresight

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