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  • Thermoactivation current spectroscopy of electrically active centres in epitaxial monocrystalline films of (TmBi)3(FeGa)5O12:Ca2+ ferrite-garnet

    The spectra of thermally stimulated conduction currents (TSCC) in (TmBi)3(FeGa)5O12:Ca2+ ferrite-garnet films have been investigated with the purpose to reveal electrically active centres. The samples were fabricated by liquid phase epitaxy (LPE) from melt solution on the Gd3Ga5O12substrates with the crystallographic orientation (111) with the use of Bi-containing flux (without Pb). Increasing the concentration of Ca2+ions in the films were realised by increasing the concentration of CaO in the melt solution. The obtained films contained Ca2+ ions from 0,03 f.u to 0,1 f.u. With the help of standard thermoactivation current spectroscopy the spectra of the initial samples and samples subjected to ultraviolet radiation and negative corona discharge were obtained. The characteristic parameters of electrically active defects were calculated.

    Keywords: thermally induced electrical current, ferrite garnet films, electrically active centres, deep-level capture, charge compensation, Ca- doping, ТСТП-spectra, temperature position