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  • Computer training complexes for training operators of loading and unloading machines in the skills of performing technological operations

    The article presents the results of the development of research in the field of automated training of operators of technological processes (on the example of loading and unloading machines) on computer training complexes (CTC). A feature of the developed CTCs is an intelligent automated system (AS) for monitoring the formation of sensorimotor skills, based on mathematical models and algorithms for representing knowledge about the technological process, automated design of training courses for professional training of operators in a virtual production environment, and automatic assessment of the formation of skills. The use of CTC for training operators of loading and unloading machines based on an intelligent AS helps to improve the quality of the formation of professional skills for the effective and safe implementation of technological processes in various fields (for example, river and sea ports, construction, mining) based on the results of training courses.

    Keywords: loading and unloading machines, technological process, computer training complex, professional skills, sensorimotor skills, intelligent automated systems