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  • Effective organization of service requests using the example of a unified user support service for JSCo "RZD"

    Describes the process of processing applications single user support services (UPCS), jsco «RZD», presented the objectives of the project. Are the standard time for work performed in the UPS. A model for evaluating the timeliness of processing applications, UPS created users software package. Assess the appropriateness and timeliness of information from UPCS users. The smallest probability of timely information UPS during the day will be observed from 8.00-9.00 am on Monday and from 17.00-19.00 p.m. on Friday. The optimal number of service channels for the stated criteria for timeliness of processing applications is 7

    Keywords: information technology, UPS, ITSM, treatment, timeliness, processing, registration, circulation model UPS, channel services, ITC

  • Methods for increasing the efficiency of an automated system of operational control in railway transport

    Set out the main stages of development of the automated system of operational control in railway transport, the issue of the effectiveness of this system. Describes methods to improve efficiency, a model of the processing of information flows

    Keywords: automated system of operational control in railway transport, road-network database, a table of the current status information message, the transport system, thematic table, efficiency, rail transport

  • Indicators of the quality of information and computing systems of railway transport

    There is considered the problem of structuring indicators of the quality of information-computing systems, including transport. For each quality indicator is determined by the number of corresponding criteria. An algorithm for analysis of subscriber delays.

    Keywords: quality, indicator of quality, quality criterion, computer information system of railway transport,subscriber delay