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  • Fibroconcrete compositions for floor coverings in the construction of industrial and civil structures

    The results of the development of compositions of fibroconcrete floor coverings and the technology of their preparation for use in structures during the construction of industrial and civil structures are presented. The effectiveness of the use of polymer and basalt fiber fibers, as well as plasticizing additives in the manufacture of fine-grained fiber concrete is substantiated. As a result of the conducted experiments, the composition of fine-grained fiber concrete with the use of basalt fibers as fillers is proposed. Based on the calculation of the estimated cost, it was found that the use of fiber fibers in the concrete mixture instead of laying metal mesh allowed to reduce labor costs by about 2 times, reduce the amount of binder, and also improve the performance characteristics of floor coverings by increasing crack resistance and corrosion resistance.

    Keywords: floor coverings, fiber-concrete mixture, superplasticizer, basalt fiber, strength