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  • Digital architecture

    In the article there are fundamental laws of digital shaping of the objects included the principles of formation of parametric structures. The main feature of approach is that creation of model is performed by setting of variable characteristics. Construction objects are designed as a unit and change of one parameter causes automatic change of the related attributes and the whole model.

    Keywords: digital architecture, parametric design, dynamism, self-organization, continuous and topographical surface, Cassini's equation, mathematical algorithms, scripting method

  • Modeling of the work of piles in realization of soil subsidence

    In the article there are results of modeling of the work of steel concrete screw and drilling piles interacting with the soil massif . For the purpose of modeling the mathematical apparatus of finite element method was used in realization of the license certified program complex Lira- soft v.10.6. The process of modeling of the subsidence is described. There is a presentation of three options of interaction of soil and piles. Draft magnitudes of single piles from external load and from negative friction forces are found.

    Keywords: Steel concrete screw pile, drilling pile, soil massif, subsidence, Lira-soft, draft, deformations, movements, tensions