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  • Design model of a radial bearing with a two-layered porous coating on the surface of a shaft operating on an electrically conductive lubricant

    In the paper, based on the linear equations of motion of an electrically conductive liquid lubricant for the case of a "thin layer", the continuity equation and Darcy, the exact self-similar solution of the problem of hydrodynamic calculation of a radial bearing with an electrically conductive lubricant is given. A field of velocities and pressures in the lubricating and porous layers was found in the work, in the following, analytical dependences were obtained for the main operating characteristics of a bearing with a two-layer porous coating on the shaft surface. An estimate is also given of the effect of the electrically conductive properties of the lubricant, the presence of a porous layer on the main operating characteristics of the bearing.

    Keywords: Electroconductive liquid lubricant, radial bearing, permeability of porous layers, electromagnetic field