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  • Evolutionary algorithm of search of a set of alternative routes in the conditions of possible influences

    It is shown that the problem of simultaneous processing of dynamic information arrays of different degrees of structure and fuzziness is currently relevant. One of the prototypes of mathematical models containing such information structures is the problem of practical distribution of resources in the conditions of possible, difficult to formalize effects. In this problem there are two factor for the rational allocation of resources: network bandwidth to operating conditions and the preference of the routes of transmission resources on the network in terms of the alleged destructive effects. The high degree of uncertainty inherent in the process reduces the feasibility of resource-intensive distribution algorithms. At the same time, it is necessary to obtain a variety of alternative solutions with diversity in terms of resistance to possible impacts. Since, if all routes pass through one transit node, all of them will be equally exposed to the threats of impact inherent in this node, and when it fails, there will be no alternative routes, which will require re-search of routes for the transfer of resources. Fast heuristics, based, for example, on greedy approaches, can not provide the proper diversity, therefore, even with clear formulations of optimization problems, fall into local Optima. For this reason, it is advisable to Supplement the initial solution formation procedure with borrowed solutions from the previously considered problems. In order to improve the solutions obtained at the stage of formation of the starting population, and to ensure the diversity of the descendants of these solutions, describing the routes of resource transfer, an evolutionary algorithm for finding the set of the shortest time routes of resource transfer. The peculiarity of the process of solving the problem proposed algorithm is to maintain the diversity of the population of solutions to possible threats.

    Keywords: intelligent algorithm, distribution, fuzzy space, adaptation, transport networks