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  • The algorithms of strategies’ synthesis in three-criterial problem of single-processor servicing in stationary objects grouping

    The maintenance model of group of stationary objects in a one-dimensional working area by moving processor is considered. The processor performs one-step service cycle without interruptions, which begins and ends at the base point. For every object assumed to be given its location, the required length of service, an early start of service and function of the individual fines. We study the problem of multiple criteria, where total traveled processor length, time of return of the processor in the base point after the service of all objects of a given group and the total fine value of all objects act as minimized criteria. The solution is performed using formulas based on the principle of dynamic programming, and also based on the ideology of evolutionary genetic algorithms. When using dynamic programming we study questions of construction of complete sets of effective assessments. The problems of comparing two sets of estimates, the computational complexity, an example and results of the experiments are considered.

    Keywords: multi-objective optimization, maintenance strategy, dynamic programming, evolutionary computation, NP-difficulty, mobile processor, stationary objects