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  • Representation of a finite state machine in matrix-predicate form

    Finite state machines, being a mathematical abstraction, allow you to perceive information from the control object, process it and give signals to control the object. The disadvantages of the representation of complex production systems by a set of finite state machines include the complexity of carrying out logical and set-theoretic operations on them and the complexity of describing the parallelism that occurs in the operation of complex production systems. When specifying a finite state machine in the matrix–predicate form, due to the information redundancy, it is possible to avoid these difficulties. Matrix–predicate method allows you to uniquely set the finite state machine square matrix, which makes it possible to use the methods of the theory of matrices during the set–theoretic operations on them and it is possible to avoid isomorphism. The paper presents the developed methods of representation of a finite state machine using a multi-place predicate, which greatly simplifies its task.

    Keywords: finite state machine, graph, matrix, predicate, algorithm, matrix–predicate method, graph incident, tuple, Cartesian product, complex production systems

  • On the choice of construction site of military-Patriotic centers in Russia

    the design of a new object presupposes not only the functional aspect, but an important factor is the location of the building or structure. The choice of location is one of the fundamental criteria: it is necessary to take into account the infrastructure and architectural appearance of the selected area, the needs of the district or region in the projected facility.

    Keywords: constructivism, the architectural appearance, the blue line, multi-center, prototype, monuments, cultural centers, the Great Patriotic war

  • Measuring and diagnostic complex for vibroacoustic control of technical condition of the equipment

    Based on stm32discovery kit was designed device for vibro-acoustic control. For receive of vibro-acoustic signal used piezoelectric accelerometer, which connected to ADC of microcontroller stm32f4vgt6. For Processing data use personal computer with software, which was developed in visual programming language LabVIEW Data from microcontroller to personal computer transmitter with use USB to UART. Culling depend from results of comparison, reference spectrum and current spectrum by values of the correlation coefficient

    Keywords: STM32F4 Discovery, ADC, VISA Serial, LabVIEW, adapter USB to UART, vibro-acoustic control, spectrum, reference, signal processing, correlation coefficient

  • Nanocomposite organic-hybrid materials

    In this article is reviewed the nature of organic hybrid nanocomposites. Promising directions in the field of organic hybrid nanocomposite materials will be methods for the synthesis of multicomponent materials, as well as the type of "net net" and "host-guest". The fundamental problem with the chemistry and physics of nanocomposites is dependent "structure-property". Solving this problem will move from research materials to their purposeful design.

    Keywords: nanocomposite sol-gel technology, synthesis, nanoparticles.

  • Ecological model of vegetation steppes of the Don basin

    The paper provides information on the results of ordination analysis of Don basin steppes

    Keywords: ordination, Don basin, steppes

  • Finite element analysis of the applicability of the applied theories of calculation of piezoelectric device of energy storage of stack configuration

    This paper considers basic element of device of energy storage which is a piezoelectric generator (PEG) of cylindrical form with the attached inertial mass. A finite element modeling of the device operation is carried out during active load in the external circuit. The main purpose of the operation is to compare the output potential and frequency characteristics of the device known in the literature models of systems with concentrated parameters. On the basis of these models, we can receive the analytical dependence of parameters of PEG with its geometric characteristics and mechanical properties of the used materials. However, the question of the range of applicability of these formulas is still open. In this paper, based on the numerical analysis of finite element models of PEG in package ANSYS, we obtained comparison with the analytical formulas that show the values of some parameters of simplified models and set the boundaries of their applicability.

    Keywords: energy storage, PEG, piezoceramics, effective mass, resonant frequency, FEM

  • Way of coding of the information at the task of the geometrical Models of executive mechanisms of robots

    The method of coding of the geometrical information is offered at the task of executive mechanisms on the basis of use of the set set of spatial primitive things and their orientation in mobile systems of co-ordinates. The method of a designation of geometrical models of mechanisms of robots is offered. One of advantages of the developed method of representation of geometrical models of kinematic chains, possibility of more exact task of a spatial configuration of manipulators by means of use of a considerable quantity of central points and various position of volume primitive things concerning a constructive plane is.

    Keywords: Mechanisms of manipulators, geometrical models, virtual modelling of movements of robots

  • Program realization of calculation unit jet system measuring the temperature of the gas flow

    In the article describes the program realization of calculation unit pneumatic measuring system. The program is implemented in the languages ​​of IEC: CFC and ST. Algorithm written with the possibility of future use in systems that differ from described in the article. The developed algorithm allows to measure temperature directly using computing power PLC and get the result in the final form, without any changes on the part of the operator.

    Keywords: pneumatics, temperature, airflow, algorithm of temperature measuring, temperature measurement, Codesys, CFC, ST

  • Simulation and method of classification of technical condition of the high-voltage mekhatronics modules

    Simulation and method of classification of technical condition high-voltage the mekhatronics of modules of the movement, allowing by results of control of electrodigit activity and skrednekvadratichesky value of vibrospeed are presented, to refer current state of object to one of classes of diagnoses

    Keywords: High-voltage mekhatronics module, fuzzy-model of classification of technical condition, electrodigital activity, vibrospeed

  • Determination of the atomic structure of bimetallic Pt-Ag nanoparticles in metal-carbon catalysts by X-ray absorption spectroscopy data

    The atomic structure of bimetallic nanoparticles of Pt-Ag composition, which are the part of metal-carbon electro-catalysts PtAg/C, is studied by means of EXAFS spectroscopy using the suggested technique. These materials have been prepared by methods of consistent and simultaneous deposition of Ag and Pt atoms from aqueous ethylene glycol solutions of their salts with subsequent acid treatment. The values ​​of the structural parameters of the near environment of platinum atoms are determined. The nature of the distribution of components in nanoparticles is established. Cluster models of nanoparticles are constructed. The fraction of Pt atoms in the working shell and its dependance on preparation methods in each case are determined.

    Keywords: Metal-carbon electrocatalysts, bimetallic nanoparticles, Catalysis, Platinum, X-ray absorption spectroscopy, atomic structure

  • Diphenyl-2,2',4,4'-tetraamine molecular structure and its thin film pyroelectric properties

    The quantum and chemical simulation (HF/MP2, cc-pVDZ basis) of diphenyl-2,2',4,4'-tetraamine (DPTA) molecule properties allows to determine the its thin film pyroelectric properties since hydrogen bonds between molecules in the film are weaker than intramolecular bonds. The study of a DPTA photosensitive pyroelectric film microstructure enables one to assume that the dipole moment of the needle-shaped crystallines densely stacked and extended along a film surface is aligned perpendicularly to the surface. The possibility of the reproduced control for DPTA properties may be used when producing the most effective pyroelectric film for photodetectors in infrared wavelength range.

    Keywords: Diphenyl-2,2',4,4'-tetraamine, quantum chemical simulation, pyroelectric material, thin-film structure

  • Technical and economical justification of the physic and mechanical compressed air drying method

    In the article the questions of technical and economical justification of the physical and mechanical compressed aitr drying are looked over. The detailed calculation  for price index and economic profit for wagon exploitation depot are given.

    Keywords: diversification of management, production diversification, financial and economic purposes of a diversification, technological purposes of ensuring flexibility of production

  • To the theory of dispensing of seeds the pneumatic sowing apparatus of an overpressure

    The basic virtue of the sowing apparatus of an overpressure is possibility of conducting of sowing on the big speeds and with high uniformity of dispensing of seeds. But the processes occurring in the sowing apparatus of an overpressure at dispensing of seeds, are insufficiently studied. In the article one of stages of process of dispensing by the overpressure sowing apparatus - transportation of a unit seed by dosing elements of a seed disc is observed. The forces acting on a seed in the course of transportation with a dosing element of a seed disc are defined. The gravity, centrifugal force, force of air drag and pressure force of air refers to to them. The scheme of forces is presented. As a consequence of theoretical research dependence of magnitude of an overpressure in the seed vessel from key parameters of work of the sowing apparatus of an overpressure has been defined. Graphs of theoretical dependence of pressure in the seed vessel from diameter of holes and a seed disc angle of rotation are built. The analysis of the gained results allows to draw following conclusions. The increase in diameter of holes of dosing elements of a seed disc leads to considerable decrease of the pressure necessary for transportation of a seed. At increase in an angular velocity of a seed disc pressure necessary for the secured transportation of a seed is augmented. The increase in an angle of rotation of a seed disc puts insignificant agency on pressure in the apparatus seed vessel.

    Keywords: seeds, transportation, dispensing, forces, an overpressure, a dosing element, a nominal diameter, dependence.

  • Experimental research the strength characteristics of the bus body

    The article presents the results of research aimed at selection of the most suitable material, shape, size of a bearing component of the device that enhances body strength of the bus. The comparative analysis of measurement results. Based on the analysis made suggestions to improve the strength characteristics of the device.

    Keywords: the bus, safety of bus construction, strength, deformation, body pillar

  • Simulation of the converter devices transformer in Simulink

    The analysis of electromagnetic processes of thyristor controlled voltage regulator consisting of triple-wound transformer with thyristor units is possible only by means of computer modeling. The synthesis of triple-wound transformer  by means of block diagram method is concerned here. As a platform for modeling use visual simulation package Simulink. Key assumptions in the development of nonlinear mathematical model of the transformer are generally accepted.

    Keywords: three-phase transformer, thyristor voltage regulator, simulation, Simulink