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  • A training system to control the skills of visual modeling of software and business processes

    The features of the mathematical, algorithmic and software of the developed simulator-training system (STS) for the control of visual modeling skills in the preparation of students in areas of automation, informatization, robotization are considered. The use of STS allows you to automatically generate individual options for practical tasks for the development and analysis of visual models, automatically evaluate the correctness of the tasks performed by students, form advising influences for the student (remarks and recommendations for a better understanding of the topic under study). The use of STS in the process of monitoring the initial skills of visual modeling in students will: reduce the need for manual compilation of a large number of options for tasks by the teacher and subsequent verification of the results of their implementation; improve the quality of education, taking into account the specifics of the areas of student training under consideration.

    Keywords: information systems in education, training system, automated control of knowledge and skills, visual modeling, unified modeling language (UML)