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  • The development of gestosis risk assessment expert decision support system

    The expert system for practical use by doctors in hospitals is designed The systems is solve the problem of classification opinions on the gestosis development and degree during pregnancy risk. Multi-factor knowledge base derived based on the results of studies analyzed in the work, and includes a set of genomic and post-genomic signs of pregnancy complications. The main users of the system (doctors, researchers and patients) and their requirements for software implementation of the developed expert system. Structure of expert decision support system in the evaluation of the risk of preeclampsia, comprising components (characterizing developed information systems belonging to the class of expert systems), the functions and subjects were created. The types, feature space feature descriptions and attributes the knowledge base of these patients. The generalized algorithm of the system and the possibility of its further development were given.

    Keywords: Expert system, knowledge base, requirements analysis, Statistical classification, feature space, gestosis, preventive diagnostics, a personified medicine