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  • Comparative study of the catalytic activity Pt/C and PtхNi/C materials in the oxygen electroreduction

    The catalytic activity of Pt/C and PtxNi/C electrocatalysts prepared by  borohydride methode was studed. It was established that the specific activity  of fresh prepared Pt3,7Ni/C  catalyst  in oxygen  electroreduction  reaction is higher in compare with Pt/C material. After treatment of Pt3,7Ni/C material in the hot acid  nickel in the surface layers of nanoparticles was dissolved and the composition of nanoparticles was changed to Pt5,6Ni. The electrochemical surface area of the Pt5,6Ni catalyst and specific activity was slightly decreased after corrosion treatment. 

    Keywords: platinum electrocatalysts, corrosion stability of the nanoparticles, fuel cells, X-ray diffraction, borohydride synthesis