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  • Self-powered scraper with snow-grooming machine

    Problems stroitelstvavremennyh winter roads - winter road. The trends in the development of designs snowgroomers machines as a way to reduce the human and economic costs. Shows the design of the unit on the basis of a self-propelled scraper MoAZ-60148

    Keywords: Temporary winter road, winter road, vibratory compaction, snow mass, snow-grooming machine

  • Machine for snowmelter

    snowmelter item, thawing, heat balance, thermal conductivity, the intensification of the phase transition.

    Keywords: snowmelter item, thawing, heat balance, thermal conductivity, the intensification of the phase transition.

  • Machine Repair temporary winter roads

    The methods of construction and repair of temporary winter roads, proposed technical solution for creating devices that provide a significant increase in strength, bearing capacity and durability of the repaired snegoledovogo cover winter road at full mechanization of the process of recovery.

    Keywords: Winter road, a temporary winter road, moisturizing, repairing, mechanized complex snow mass, milling machine, load capacity

  • Application of analog-to-digital converter in the evaluation of the thermal state of elements of the hydraulic drive

    The substantiation of the need for the preparation of thermal hydraulic drive road construction machinery (SDM) operating in the North. Given that a significant number of failures falls on hydraulic drive elements, it becomes urgent need to study their work and causes of failures. In order to analyze the thermal training funds, the development of new systems is necessary to study thermal characteristics of hydraulic drive elements SDM operated at low subzero temperatures. It is necessary to take into account the rate of change of the processes occurring in the hydraulic drive. In accordance with the above requires a quality measuring equipment, created on the basis of analog-to-digital converters. For this analysis instrumentation for experimental studies. Currently, at the Department of Transportation and technological systems developed hardware and software for temperature measurement system for monitoring hydraulic drive elements SDM.

    Keywords: construction machinery, operation, negative temperature, hydraulic, thermal preparation, measurement, sensor