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  • Laboratory complex for processing of oily waste using microwave technology

    The report examines the method of processing of oily waste in the power of the microwave radiation. The characteristics of the laboratory complex, its structural scheme and design features. The report includes explanatory drawings illustrating the structure and the temperature sensor based on a fiber-optic Bragg grating.

    Keywords: microwave technology; processing; oil sludge; oily waste

  • Frequency-asymmetric two-band optical vector spectrum analyzer

    The article deals with the theoretical substantiation and computer modeling of an optical vector spectrum analyzer based on asymmetric optical two-band modulation using a parallel two-channel Maha-Zehnder modulator. The proposed method and device make it possible to achieve twice the measurement range in comparison with the classical optical vector analyzer based on single-band modulation and to realize a simpler and more reliable configuration in comparison with the previously presented amplitude asymmetric optical vector analyzer with two sidebands. It can be possible to measure the frequency characteristics of a fiber Bragg grating with a width of up to 0.5 nm (60 GHz) with a resolution of up to 1 MHz (about 5-10 fm) using electrooptical modulators with a bandwidth of up to 30 GHz.

    Keywords: optical spectrum analyzer, two-frequency modulation, frequency asymmetry, measurement range, fiber Bragg grating