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  • Information system of assistance in choosing a specialty for applicants based on a neural network

    The most important task of the admissions committee of any university is to advise applicants on admission to the specialties available at the university. In this article, an automated information system has been developed, which, based on the applicant's questionnaire, allows you to form recommendations when choosing a training specialty, taking into account the applicant's personal preferences. Artificial neural networks are proposed to be used as a method of choice, and the multilayer perceptron (MLP) was the model of the neural network.

    Keywords: neural network, career guidance, multilayer perceptron, neural network training, methods, automated information system, training directions

  • Increasing the shear and load-bearing capacity of the ice-resistant gravity platform

    The results of theoretical research and analysis of methods that will significantly reduce the weight of the gravity oil platform are presented. At the same time, its static, dynamic, and shear stability will remain under the influence of wind, wave, ice load and current load. In order to reduce the weight and overall dimensions, it is proposed to outline the lower part of the platform base with a metal sheet pile wall. As a result of theoretical studies, the dependence of the shear force under the influence of external forces acting on the platform during operation on the physical and mechanical properties of the soil and the size of the sheet pile wall is found, which will significantly reduce the weight of the platform and the cost of its construction.

    Keywords: gravity oil platform, shear stability, tongue-and-groove wall, external forces acting on the platform, rollover stability

  • The spatial localization of functions in the cerebral cortex

    The paper introduce modern information about localization of function of human cerebral cortex from the viewpoint of brain’s structure.

    Keywords: brain, cerebral cortex, contex cerebi, neocortex, cytoarchitectonics, functional map of cere-bral cortex, localization of function of cerebral cortex, sensomotor centers