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  • Development of technology of fabricating unheated gas sensors based on polyacrylonitrile for hybrid sensor systems

      Technology of fabricating unheated gas sensors based on polyacrylonitrile (PAN) using different temperature and time modes of a two stages IR-pyrolyze is developed for the remote control of the human condition. Gas-sensing elements based on PAN films and cobalt- and copper-containing PAN films are fabricated. Gas sensitive characteristics of the gained samples to CO, Cl2 and CHCl3 in atmospheric conditions are determined. We have found that gas-sensitivity of the samples depends on the composition of the original film-forming solution and on the process parameters of fabricating the film material. Moreover the samples show sensitivity and selectivity at room temperature. The benefits of this study is that films based on PAN and metal-PAN are the most promising material for electronic engineering including gas sensors for the remote monitoring of the human condition.

    Keywords: Nanocomposite materials, gas-sensing layer, metal-containing organic polymers, IR- pyrolyze