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  • "Possible ways of increasing the traffic capacity of the street and road network "

    Steady growth of the Russian Federation, the car park has led to the fact that almost all major cities of the country settings of the road network does not meet the increased intensity of traffic on basic highways in recent years. A significant increase in traffic volumes require to make informed decisions on the organization and management of road traffic on the basis of reliable information about the parameters of traffic flow. Modern problems of traffic in Volgograd considered in the article. The research results of basic characteristics of traffic flow in the more overloading parts of the road network and of the organization of work of public transport routes Volgograd. Set out possible ways of increasing the throughput of the street and road network and speed traffic flow. A comprehensive approach to solve this problem, including measures to improve traffic light control and traffic management of urban public transport, as well as the use of Intelligent transport systems.

    Keywords: street and road network, traffic flow, traffic capacity, urban passenger transport, coordinated traffic light control, intelligent transport systems