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  • Technology and organization of a protective-trapping system in construction

    The article considers one of the main systems that ensure the safety of workers and passers – by in a dangerous zone-the protective-catching grid. The types of grid systems, basic principles of their operation, and technical characteristics are described. The requirements for the installation and operation of such systems are considered.

    Keywords: grids, construction, security, organization, security screens

  • Organization of construction in cramped conditions of a residential building

    The article considers the conditions for the development of the most rational methods of construction in the cramped conditions of the modern city, in which there is an impossibility of using tower cranes, because of the presence in their working area of already erected buildings or structures, other tower cranes, crossings, roadways and sidewalks. Construction work in cramped conditions cause an increased degree of material, construction, environmental risk and the need to strengthen the safety of people as producing the construction of the object, and the living population nearby.

    Keywords: construction, works, factors, safety, territory, risk

  • Abstracts