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  • Development of a mathematical model of a vulcanization boiler

    The article is devoted to the development of a mathematical model of a vulcanization boiler, namely, the temperature control loop inside the boiler. The mathematical model of the boiler was obtained by the Rotach method in the form of a transfer function. Simulation modeling was performed in the VisSim software tool. The adequacy and stability of the model is proved and the numerical values ​​of the quality criteria of the transient process are obtained. The resulting model is intended to determine the optimal settings of the regulator of the vulcanization process control system.

    Keywords: transfer function, vulcanization boiler, transient, software, system order, vulcanization process, control, calculated transfer function, delay time, sleeve

  • Checking the adequacy of mathematical models thermal power facilities

    The work is devoted to the development of an adequate model of a steam drum unit that will allow the development of an optimal control algorithm. The causal relationships of the boiler unit were considered and their transfer functions were given. Mathematical models of the steam drum boiler experimental, based on the removal of the acceleration curves, and the combined methods were also obtained.

    Keywords: analysis of control algorithms, adequate models, mathematical models