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  • The pilot complex of full-cycle's of processing natural and petroleum gases into synthetic oil

    The full-cycle pilot complex was developed of conversion of natural and associated gases into synthetic hydrocarbons by the Fischer-Tropsch method. Including all general stages of GTL technology. The experimental studies on the motor fuels synthesis from "model' of the gas composition. Having of pre-reforming step determined of the need for removal of C2+ hydrocarbons, which leads to catalyst deactivation of conversion. Shown that the obtained synthesis-gas from conversion step may be used in the hydrocarbons synthesis by the Fischer-Tropsch method. The developed composite catalyst is allowing to obtain high-quality motor fuels from one-reactor method. The Uniting steps of hydrocracking and hydroisomerization of hydrocarbons from CO and H2.

    Keywords: associated petroleum gas, GTL technology, Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, synthetic liquid hydrocarbons.