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  • Stand for research of characteristics of the cutting process

    The creation of laboratory equipment that provides a clear demonstration of the studied technological processes while ensuring the possibility of its use for research purposes by students is an urgent task. Purpose of the work: development of a stand design for a visual demonstration to students of the process of the impact of the cutting working body on the workpiece while ensuring the possibility of fixing the characteristics of the cutting process. In the course of the work, on the basis of system analysis, the classification of laboratory equipment for studying the cutting process was carried out, its features were studied, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages, and an original design of the stand was proposed. The design of the stand provides an opportunity to study the characteristics of the cutting process with a fixed fixation of the workpiece and the movement of the cutting tool, which clearly simulates the real cutting process and allows you to determine its parameters.

    Keywords: cutting, chip formation, student training

  • Device for determining the dynamic and static coefficients of bulk products

    The article presents a description of the device for determining the physicomechanical characteristics of bulk materials - coefficients of external and internal friction. In DSTU, a device for determining the friction characteristics of bulk materials was designed and manufactured. A method for determining the coefficients of static and dynamic friction is presented. The proposed device allows to obtain more accurate information about the frictional characteristics of one or different bulk materials in static and dynamic conditions.

    Keywords: Friction, dynamic coefficient of friction, static coefficient of friction, bulk material