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  • Mathematical, algorithmic and software support for the problem of calculating control actions based on fuzzy logic when simulating the movement of a load in a portal crane simulator

    The article is devoted to the development of models and algorithms for calculating control (advisory) actions when training operators of technological processes (on the example of reloading processes and, in particular, portal cranes) on computer training complexes (CTC). A complex of models and algorithms is proposed, based on which control actions are calculated regarding discrete crane controls and the possibility of moving the load to a target position with minimization of oscillations at the end point is provided. These models and algorithms use variable parameters of the technological process, described by linguistic variables, and customizable characteristics of crane models and engines, which allows calculating control actions depending on the type of crane, the specifics of the technological process, the training methodology used for operators and other significant factors. Application of the advisory system based on the developed models and algorithms promotes to improve the training process for operators of reloading cranes at CTC and, as a result, to reduce the probability of emergency situations, reduce time and energy costs.

    Keywords: computer simulator, reloading processes, portal crane, advisory system, control actions, mathematical modeling, fuzzy logic controller