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  • Morphology and properties of nano ZnO obtained using pulse alternating current

    In this paper the method of electrochemical oxidation/dispersion of zinc using pulse alternating current with average density of 0.2:1.2 A/cm2 was used. The mixture of ZnO and Zn5(OH)8Cl2·H2O (simonkolleite) was obtained. The application of this product as a photocatalyst provides a practically full removal of methylene blue dye under UV light. When the sample is calcined at 400 °С the decomposition of simonkolleite with a ZnO formation occurs. It is accompanied by decrease in surface area and photocatalytic activity of the material.

    Keywords: zinc oxide, nanoparticle, simonkolleite, pulse alternating current, morphology, photocatalysis, methylene blue