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  • Monitoring the thermal efficiency of a regenerative air heater rvp-54

    The article discusses the methodology of assessing the technical condition of the regenerative air heater RVP-54 on power boilers Naberezhnye Chelny CHP on the basis of the results of the monitoring of the thermal efficiency. In article the algorithm of monitoring and evaluation of the thermal efficiency of regenerative air heater, allows in real time to compare actual performance with previous values and to eliminate the revealed violations.

    Keywords: Naberezhnye Chelny CHP, energy boiler, regenerative air heater RVP-54, technical condition assessment, commissioning and configuration, thermal calculation, temperature difference, heating surface, thermal efficiency, heat losses

  • Methods of treatment of thermal images of power energy facilities

    To escape from subjectivity in the analysis of thermal images during the thermal study of energy facilities proposed to use thermographic information functions . The method is implemented by means of mathematical analysis environment MathCad. As a criterion for assessing the technical condition of power equipment use rate of defects.

    Keywords: non-destructive testing , diagnostics, thermogram method of analysis , the transformer , the ratio of defects