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  • Realize construction and technical expertise of pools

    The water recreation industry is actively developing. An individual pool at home is also not uncommon for a long time, because everyone wants to live in comfortable conditions. Modern country houses place the pool on the ground floor of the premises on the plot next to the house. Despite the financial costs and time for maintenance, the health benefits of the pool, as well as the variety of leisure activities through taking water procedures or playing with children, are a very powerful argument in order to arrange a pool at home.The number of pools is increasing and the number of pools built with defects is also increasing. it may be because use low-quality construction materials and reduce their volumes, perform work by unskilled employees, violate the requirements of construction documents of the project. therefore it is necessary to carry out construction and technical examination.

    Keywords: construction, swimming pool, construction and technical expertise, regulatory documentation, defects

  • Prospects for the use of plastic waste in construction

    Urbanization and increased production have led to the fact that every year the world generates a large amount of plastic waste, which pollutes the environment. Using them in the construction industry will help solve this problem, as well as get profitable solutions in the production of building materials and mixtures.

    Keywords: plastic waste, environment, construction, construction materials

  • Construction technical expertise and research carried out by specialists in the field of construction outside the judicial sphere: common and excellent features

    Nowadays, technologies in construction are rapidly changing, improving and updating. 3D modeling technologies are actively used. In turn, changes in the construction industry are reflected in the existing building regulations, JV and GOST. But often in modern conditions of the capitalist state builders realize building objects in improper quality. Reasons of the given problem are various: reduction of a used material, economy of means on poor quality materials, neglect of quality for the purpose of performance of terms of the contract. In this connection, the role of forensic construction technical expertise is being updated. But for the correct understanding of the role of forensic construction technical expertise, its goals and stages, it is necessary to determine the very essence of forensic construction technical expertise, its differences from other studies conducted by specialists in the field of construction outside the judicial sphere, namely, from the state construction supervision, as well as the essence of the extrajudicial expertise in construction.

    Keywords: forensic construction technical expertise, real estate, operation, technical inspection

  • Maintenance and repair of foundations and walls of basements of buildings and structures

    Maintenance of buildings and structures is a complex of interrelated technical and organizational measures aimed at preventing premature wear and aging of certain building structures, ensuring their smooth operation throughout the service life.

    Keywords: foundations and foundations, construction, buildings and structures, operation, basement walls, soil, destruction

  • Appointment of judicial construction and technical expertise: problems of practice application

    Appointment of forensic construction and technical expertise in the practice of an expert is a prerequisite for collecting evidence and materials related to the construction site and the territories functionally associated with them, which for the practical application of the courts are an important factor when deciding in favor of a particular party to the proceedings (dispute). The problems arising in the process of the case under study are objective and legal in nature.

    Keywords: judicial construction and technical expertise, expert, court, criminal justice, civil justice, problems of practice, procedural action, expert opinion, court decision

  • Trend development construction and technical expertise

    The purpose of the article is the possibility of scientific, methodological and technical justification for the need to develop and conduct construction and technical expertise at the current stage of the construction industry in the design and construction of different types, types, specifics and technical characteristics of the housing facility. The concept of legislative regulation of this area of production in the aspect of mandatory standards and regulations applicable to all construction companies (organizations) is given.

    Keywords: Construction, construction objects, forecasts, projects, design, quality management, standards, regulations, legislation, judicial construction and technical expertise, expert

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