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  • Improvement of the installation technology of the insulating lining of the radiant chamber of the natural gas steam reforming furnace

    The paper presents the properties and nomenclature of products made of ceramic fiber used for insulating lining in steam reforming furnaces. On the example of the lining of the radiant chamber, the technology of mounting ceramic blankets on anchor studs, which is currently used in the construction and repair of reforming furnaces, is considered. The shortcomings of the existing technology are noted. These include the complexity of the process, the complexity of installation control and the high probability of uneven thermal conductivity of the lining surface due to hidden defects, as well as the spraying of ceramic fiber particles in the air that cause diseases. The nomenclature and technology of installation of insulating lining with ceramic blocks along guide tubes with subsequent resistance welding with the camera body is proposed. The technology will reduce the repair time, improve the thermal conductivity of the camera, reduce the risk of diseases.

    Keywords: gas reforming, radiant chamber, insulation lining, ceramic fiber, thermal conductivity of the furnace