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  • The criterion for assessing the quality of repair work for electricity pilons of transmission line

    The article presents the quality assessment of repair work for electricity pilons of transmission line performed by the method of vibration diagnostics. The suggested criterion for assessing the quality of the repair is relative adhesion of repair layers to the base of the stand. Modeling of structural oscillations strut mount, transmission lines and calculations in the finite-element complex Ansys. The dependence of the parameters own frequency of fluctuations of the value of damage at different values of the space adhesion. The resulting equations based on changes in natural frequencies on the magnitude of adhesion. The calculation of the relative adhesion of the repair composition to the concrete model of the design. The material presented can be used for assessing the quality of repair work of different structures of the core type reinforced concrete structures.

    Keywords: vibration diagnostics, quality, repair of structures, defect, adhesion, natural frequencies

  • The Usage of Loose Moisture Capable Materials in Concrete Technology

    The high water demand of high-plastic and mushy consistency of concrete with high value of water-to-cement ratio leads to decreasing of consistency value and strength of concrete and also to shrinkage of concrete increasing. The known ways of excess water removal from the mix of concrete ingredients with water are labor-consuming and not always effective enough. We suggest the way of excess water removal using loose moisture capable materials which are enabled to absorb water intensively when contacting the concrete mix. The capacity of powder-like materials to absorb water can be evaluated with maximum molecular moisture capacity and maximum capillary moisture capacity measurement units. Also the criterion of water absorbing capacity of powders is suggested, and the most effective loose moisture capable material between others is defined.

    Keywords: water absorbing capacity criterion, loose powder-like materials, concrete mix, water absorbing capacity